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Crispy Coconut Chicken Strips

Serves 2

Quick and Easy Bibimbap

Serves 2

Nourishing Fish Taco Bowl

Serves 4

Jasmine Rice with Carrot and Ginger

Serves 2

Wild Salmon with Cherry Tomato and Mint Compote

Serves 2

Thai Chicken Curry with Butternut Squash

Serves 4

Brown rice with avocado, black sesame and green onion

This is a lovely and satisfying side dish that feels rich and luxurious while remaining healthy.

Brown rice with walnuts and thyme

The earthiness of the walnuts and thyme go really well with the subtle sweetness of brown rice here. The addition of cut apples, cranberries or raisins would also work well here.

Jasmine rice with lemon, parsley and cracked pepper

This dish places parsley at the center stage, where the jasmine rice can mellow out an herb that can otherwise pack a punch.

Brown rice with toasted almonds, cranberries and green onion

This dish has a lovely combination of textures and the sweetness of the
cranberries cuts the sharpness of green onions nicely.